FRESH iDEAS, led by ‘The Brilliant Business Guy’, Marc Ford MBA is a professional coaching business with 25 years experience successfully working with businesses of all sizes, from one-man bands to global, multi-nationals.

We work with our clients, both here in the UK and in other countries around the world, to assist them in realizing their potential in both a business and personal development capacity. We quite simply, “get people and their businesses where they want to be quicker than they thought they ever could.”

Our key areas of expertise include business strategy, team motivation, sales and marketing, communication, behavioural change and being the best version of your business you can be. We are passionate about helping businesses and the people that run them to succeed.

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free ebook


This FREE 40-page eBook (instant PDF download) is more than your average brand questionnaire. 

Perfect for businesses of any size, the checklists, questions & prompts in each section will help you plan out a regeneration to your business and marketing and improve your cash flow.

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Our FREE Networking Event for BRILLIANT Small Business People

People buy from People and helps if they know who you really are.

We do networking WITHOUT the selling and WITHOUT the flannel. If you are passionate and BRILLIANT at what you do, you need to come to this event! It’s about value and building relationships…


Reboot Your Business Now and Get More Customers and Clients NOW With The 30 Day Business Reboot

Join business owners from all over the world as they look to the future and ‘reboot’ their business with 30 days of strategies and marketing plans that strips back your business and gets you more customers and clients.

Spaces are limited to this online, video, audio and 1:1 programme, so join our business community NOW!

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FREE  eBook – The 5 Laws of Success

(That ANY business owner can copy and run with)

This FREE eBook (instant PDF download) is more than your average report. 

Perfect for owners of businesses of any size, these Laws as we call them have been bought to light by Marc studying certain successful individuals. It was amazing that they all shared the same qualities and all had these core 5 Laws that they do business with.

If it’s good enough for the big business owners, why not try them yourself?

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The BRILLIANT Business People Network Podcast

Listen to our FRESH Talk Radio Business Podcasts for motivation on the go. We talk Networking, Business, Marketing and making you the and your business the best it can be.

Listen to EXCLUSIVE presentations recorded LIVE at our FRESH Talk Networking Events and only available through FRESH

Listen on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. Bite Size Nuggets for busy BRILLIANT Business People like you.

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Limited spaces left! BRILLIANT Sales Workshop

Join us on Monday 10th October 2016, for a full day of learning, positive motivation and networking with like minded professionals in making your sales so BRILLIANT that customers can’t say no and WANT to spend money with you.

Monday, 10th October 2016 9.30am-4.30pm, Worcester

Just back from the USA where this workshop was developed, Marc Ford MBA will be helping your business look at your sales in a down-to-earth, simple, common sense way that will help you boost your sales and customer numbers WITHOUT breaking the bank or your spirit.


Tune into our monthly FRESH webinars to look at ways to improve your business. Plus, if you listen live then interact with us and ask questions as we go through the 45-minute webinar presentation.


Get a daily dose of motivation with our one-minute business blast videos. Subscribe to the FRESH iDEAs YouTube channel to stay ahead and see the latest videos first.


Find your inspiration, refresh your skills or simply learn something new with our FRESH blog articles. Sign-up to our mailing to receive monthly a newsletter round-up of the latest articles.

We are proud to work with these businesses, providing coaching and training to create business success…

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